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KSW329, 2020-05-21

Corona watch

Here is the pattern what’s happening throughout the world: all the nations had a lockdown as a measure to control a virus they did not understand. At the same time they could only test and detect the original Corona which was attacking the lungs. Now the mutations of the virus have spread throughout the body. They are no more focused on the lungs – and with the lung-test, they couldn’t be detected anymore. Additionally secondary diseases like the Corona cancers are emerging rapidly, which may not be counted as a Corona disease either.

So because of their ignorance and insufficient accuracy of their test, the governments only look at the original corona virus and are declaring that the numbers of infections and deaths are receding.

Consequently they open the factories, the banks, the beaches and a little later the borders, hoping that they all can “come back to how it was before – so the Corona pandemic was just an unpleasant episode last winter…”

Only the reality will soon show us that after the opening of the borders, suddenly 40% of world’s population will be infected and dying! Then this number will still be on the rise until the planet will be pretty much depopulated – and peaceful.

What we are doing here is not projecting a “doom and gloom” scenario – but just stating the facts that will appear if we, as an individual, as a nation and as a humanity, do not change our ways. In the sense that we adopt the 1Cup1Life technology, which protects us from the virus on the physical level and elevates our Soul on the spiritural level – making us peaceful beings. And in the wake will create permanent Peace on Earth.

During this whole “unseen” disaster, the KF continues relentlessly to show and promote the only knowledge and technology that can efficiently control the pandemic and prevent the depopulation of the planet. Already the 1Cup1Life has become Noah’s Ark.

The passengers of the ark will gradually to through a transformation, like the caterpillar morphing into a butterfly inside the crysalis. They will become peaceful beings, saying goodbye to killing for sustenance. And when they get there, everything about them will change: their physical form a little bit but much more their perception of the world, their way of thinking about the world and themselves. They will be no more prisoners of their environment neither prisoners of their own neeeds; the fate people stuck on the matter level cannot escape. They will be completely differnt people – even if they live on the same spot as the few who might have been able to survive the Corona by chance – if there will be such cases.


Ella and Jamilah, the two directors of the Keshe Foundation, are stars that will shine across the Universes. But, right now they are stars in the process of being born. So let’s help them and dedicate our wish to them: “As a member of the Keshe Family, we give freely from our Souls to your Souls, please take what you need. We are present.”

Finding M. Keshe

We know already that his physiology is not entirely human. We know also that he is coming (and going back) from the Soul of the Creator. Here are some more snippets, that you may take in a poetic way, so as to feel who he is:

Nothing is hidden to us but I still play the game. When I create a condition of the environment of your soul, I’m in it. I know which President is lying and cheating, but we cannot interfere with the course of life. If I can do something, that does not give me the right to do it.

I know exactly what they think I know exactly where they feel. I can elevate in one second any of you but that’s not my thing because you have to go through the process in a correct way.

I can manifest physically inside any soul anywhere because all I need to do is to become lower than their soul and I become dimension of their physicality.”