COMUNIDAD DE LENGUAJE: el objetivo de la comunidad árabe

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To date, we have not seen many implications from the Arabic community in Keshe Plasma Technology learning. While there are knowledge seekers working with Keshe Plasma Technology, unfortunately, they are not visible enough at the present time, including on social media. This remains a shy implication.

The goal, which we wish to achieve in priority, is, to be able to spread the knowledge of Keshe Plasma Technology to all Arabic speaking community, and of course to all the peoples of the world. However, there are still barriers to overcome and these will open over time.

In the Arabic countries, from North Africa to North East Africa and to the Middle East, there is a spectacular youth with enormous potential for learning. This beautiful youth is in a boil and seeks a horizon of a better future to project itself there. In search of solutions, they will find an answer from The Keshe Foundation and that answer is through the Keshe Plasma Technology.

Let us remember that the Arabic community has proved that it can shine by its wisdom, its mastery of science and the spreading of its knowledge, as well as by its multidisciplinary teaching. Today, the Arabic community reaffirms itself by relying on its youth.

We have faith in this young generation, which shines beyond the borders, beyond the nationality of origin, winning very beautiful awards, taking part in innovative reflections, in scientific fields such as medicine, innovation, and technology, among others.

Today, my wish is to set up Keshe Plasma Technology teaching centers in several countries, by setting up a center in the Maghreb (North Africa), a center in the Middle East and finally another center in East of Africa. These three geographical areas that will shine on a beautiful part of the community, first important implementation step.

Then in parallel, I would like to create Plasma Oasis in each of the 22 Arabic countries to meet the expectations of the communities. It will be about transmitting and developing locally Keshe Plasma Technology in several areas.

An approach through concrete and pragmatic projects will guide the local Knowledge Seekers in Agriculture, Health, Energy, Transportation, and many other areas. Thus, we will start this beautiful Plasmatic adventure that will trigger the desire and attraction of our Arabic community to join us.

What to do? Adhering to the call we are making to all our Knowledge Seekers of the Arabic community. With Keshe Plasma Technology, very nice projects are to be implemented, Agriculture constituting the first priority at the moment. 

Let's join together, let's all build our peace. Let's be an actor for the future.