GANS Agua para quemaduras de segundo grado.

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Published on: May 2019


This paper documents GANS plasma technology method of dealing with skin burns. 


  • CO2 GANS water in moderation
  • CuO GANS water in moderation
  • ZnO GANS Water in moderation
  • Gauze x 1


  1. Spray GANS water on the burns for the first time when it was burnt. 1:1 CO2 GANS water and CuO GANS water.
  2. Do not cover anything, directly blow the scald with a fan until the hot tingling sensation of the surface disappears. The upper layer of water sprayed on the surface of the skin will evaporate while blowing cold. Please spray immediately when the skin is blown to the semi-dry. Depending on the degree of scald, it may vary from 30 minutes to several hours.
  3. After the surface of the hot tingling sensation disappears, you will feel a burning sensation deep inside the skin. In this case, please cover the entire surface of the skin with gauze or cotton pad or clean 
  4. paper towel soaked with ZnO GANS Water. It is 5 cm more outward than the burn. (At this time, 
  5. people who are sensitive may feel the spur of the movement moving. Please spray "ZnO GANS 
  6. Water" on the path of the burning sensation.)
  7. At this point, you do not need to continue to blow the fan, but keep the gauze completely wet until the gauze is removed for more than three minutes, and the burning sensation in the inner side of the skin does not reappear.
  8. Usually the next day will not feel the pain of burns, even if the small blisters appear still does not hurt, after the body cells will take over, and after few days later will be recovered.


Compared with general scald treatment, the scald pain can be reduced to a tolerable level within 5 minutes.


This method is effective and feasible and can be applied repeatedly.