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28 June 2017

The Keshe Foundation calls up on all members of all groups and individuals to attend and take their position in the cycle of peace movement, which has been taken shape in the past years by the actions and science which has been given as a gift by all members of the Foundation to humanity for the advancement of science and through it, for the creation of the right environment for peace on this planet.

Please call on all those, whom you know and have access to on internet or social medias and governments and all groups of society to listen and join the 178 Knowledge Seekers session to be held on Thursday 29th of Jun 2017 and to be known as the 'Blueprint for peace for humanity'.

The keshe Foundation invites all members of The Universal Council , The Earth Council and The Core team to be present in this presentation.

The time and the place for the world peace is upon humanity and is the duty of every man on earth to take the responsibility of making sure that this cycle of peace movement through application of new technology can guaranty the peace on earth that brings about to make all nations as one nation and all to become part of ever lasting peace on this blue planet.

My Fellow men, I have done what has been possible to share the knowledge of universe and creation of peace amongst the race of the Man as has be destined for the race of the Man and on equal measures in the past years, now I call on all your souls to join the soul of the creator to initiate and encourage the leaders of the man to become men of peace and SIGN the humanity to the lasting peace on the Earth and start the beginning of and the Signing of humanity to final acts needed to bring about ever lasting peace on this Earth of the Man.

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

World citizen and founder of the Keshe Foundation